Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Download Point Blank Offline Games

Download Point Blank Offline Games
Download Point Blank Offline Games - For those of you who have a slow connection, I suggest to use it point blank game, or for those of you who want to play this game without having to connect to the internet.
1. Clan.
2. Season battle info.
3. Special user login.
4. Exp point and cash.
5. Unlimited time battle.
6. A.I mode on new map
7. Best player icon
8. Create room on clan server.

How to Install:
  • Wach video - HERE.


Ahmad Nadliri said...

NIce game :) Happy With your work :)

U Syafa said...

Hey Guys....

I Have Problem In Java Installation


-When I Beres Install Java Data That I Collect Incomplete So When I click START SERVER Troubled By Javanya Please Responded Thank You ..

U Syafa said...

Hey Guys I Have Problem In Installation time ....


-On When I Open A Folder SERVIDOR pb_sql Yang Bernama
For Responded please ....

Thank you .....

bandeng presto said...

salam blogger gan....semoga sukses selalu

Pro Point blank Blog

arza raka said...

java nya yang mana ni gan

novrian dwi ramadahn said...

download file client nya gmna sich bahasa htu htu

Yİğit Karabulut said...

nasıl yapacaz anlatır mısınız yani ilk önce hangisini falan kurcaz :D

Makmun Ambari said...

kok eror bro

Rian kennedy said...

gan kok yang MySQL gk ada yang 32 bit ?

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