Friday, September 13, 2013

Feeding Frenzy 2 Full Version

Feeding Frenzy 2 Full Version - game is a continuation of the house yesterday. In the past I've also posted a collection of game play house complete with a serial number. For those who just want to game frenzynya doang feeding can be directly downloaded via these posts. Besides smaller spacenya, this feeding frenzy 2 full version. The game I play is also often used, although simple but fun and exciting. We just use the mouse doang game, so not a lot of energy to play ngeluarin.

Fish are played varies, depending on the step that has been successfully passed. And the last fish is the whale hunters. At first, the size of very small fish so that the fish can only eat fish which are very small and are usually clustered. And be careful with fish that have a size larger than your fish. If you already eat a lot of small fish, it will grow to be rather large, and so on until its size becomes very large fish and no match in size. And beware of predatory sharks often come by way of a sudden, if you managed to bite the tail of the shark you will get plus points, but the sharks will continue to pursue you. Besides vigilant with bigger fish, too vigilant with poisonous jellyfish. If you eat, then you will be dizzy and fish can not be controlled which results in an easy prey to other fish.


Dead Island Riptide Full Iso + Crack

Games you may already be familiar to you ie Riptide game Dead island.
Game Dead Island is a game where we had to fight a lot because this is a zombie game that includes horror game that I can say a little similar to Resident Evil.
Dead island riptide is the sequel of the game dead islan in 2011 that had the game dead islan riptide and this is the latest game dead island and titerbitkan in april 2013.
If you've never played the previous game dead island, dead island riptide then this game is a continuation of the game.



Patch Winning Eleven September 2013

Good news for friends who play winning eleven 9 because this time I will share the latest patch for winning eleven 9 users.
Latest patch winning eleven 13 september 2013 this is a patch that will update winning eleven 9 player of that we have the players to the most recent month is september 2013.
In the latest patch is of course is really complete like Kaka who has returned to AC Milan and biting with Balotelli, Tevez Carlitoz who played at Juventus, Neymar and Messi Tanggo Duet or action that ahirnya Fellaini red devil uniforms and much more another user will make your winning eleven 9 is not inferior to the use of PES 2013.

How to use Patch:
  • For users whose winning Elevenm 9 Full version, Extract P. WE Haramain software.rar September 9, 2013 that have been downloaded on the link above.
  • Copy file KONAMI-WIN32WE9UOPT and paste in Local C / Program Files / Konami / WE 9/Save/Folder1 and select raplace only.
  • And to the playing Winning Eleven Rip version, the same way, but just a different place mempastekannya ie copy KONAMI-WIN32WE9UOPT.
  • My Document/Konami/Save/Folder1 and paste in raplace only.
  • Now play the game and see the results.
  • Enjoy.

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